Key technology

Human visual bionic technology enables cars to achieve human-like collosion judgment

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Active security solutions

oramon anti-collision warning system

The system combines Monocular camera and ADAS host, adopted TI TDA2 scheme, with OCW(Omnidirectional Collision Warning), LDW(Lane Depature Warning), HMW(Headway Monitoring Warning), PCW(Pedestrian Collision Warning) and other functions. It meets the legal requirements of chartered buses engaged in tourism, buses of three classes or above, and road special vehicles transporting dangerous chemicals, fireworks and firecrackers, civil explosives. We can also provide height limit anti-collision warning system for special vehicles such as RV, cold chain vehicle, truck and bus.

To provide solutions for the domestic and foreign front loading market and autonomous driving field

IP kernal:For sufficient hardware, it only needs to obtain the customer authorization algorithm of the algorithm to increase the security factor on the basis of the existing hardware, improve the overall security performance, and reduce the cost.

Coprocessor:Provide hardware platforms and authorized algorithms for customers who need platform algorithms for their own cameras, do not increase the calculation pressure of existing equipment, provide redundant information, increase the safety factor, and improve the overall safety performance.

One-stop solution (This solution has been checked):Provide cameras, processing platforms and algorithms for customers who need a complete solution. It is easy to install and use, and saves the cost and time of development and testing.