Sensing for autonomous vehicles like human beings


We are dedicated to providing innovative Artificial Intelligence sensing solutions of high performance and low cost for ADAS and autonomous vehicles.

Key Technology

AI Solutions

Autonomous cars still can't mimic the most natural human collision prediction, now almost all the solutions are based on distance measurement, image recognition. This is important and necessary but it neglects the single most important part of real-world driving: our intuition. We do not constantly measure the distances to the obstacles, and do not stare at the dashboard for speed either. The latest research from Harvard University shows that this is realized by our movement sensing intuition.

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Wide Monitoring Range

Using mono-camera, works not only for front collision but also for lateral and transverse collisions with different movement direction.

Simple and effective solution

No need for deep learning and effective for all the obstacles. Not limited to learned vehicles and pedestrians.

LDW(Lane Departure Warning)

Lane detection for unclear line

MOD(Moving Object Detection)

Cameras detect moving objects around the vehicle when it is in park or slowly maneuvering, the system then alerts the driver both visually and audibly